About Us

The ASC is a five-in-one online interactive platform that seeks to mobilise and deploy African skills from the continent and from around the world, to support Africa‚Äôs development. First, it serves as a database and talent bank that documents the skills, expertise and achievements of African professionals and experts from around the world. Secondly, it is a recruitment platform that connects African professionals with institutions, organisations and companies around the world in search of the best talents from Africa in diverse fields. Thirdly, the ASC serves as an online consulting platform, which provides opportunities for Africans around the world to contribute to the development of the African continent, by providing consulting services on a short to medium term basis from remote locations, without necessarily having to relocate physically to Africa. Fourth, it offers opportunities for long term sustainable deployment of African experts in executive roles in both the public and private sector in Africa.  Last but not the least, the ASC serves as a professional and knowledge network, that provides a platform for the exchange of knowledge, information and ideas among Africans, and offers continuous access to high quality professional mentoring particularly for young African professionals.

The ASC is an initiative of the Center for Strategic African Initiatives (CSAI) and is part of a comprehensive African Skills Mobilisation Programme.